Cody Lehmann is an EDM artist who specializes in composing beautiful, emotional and empowering music. Hailing from beautiful Temecula California, Cody has been a music creator for the majority of his life, playing the guitar, singing at live performances and entertaining people in general. With such a diverse and unique sound, Cody beautifully creates an emotional presence around his music. Many of his influences come from the metal genre. “I love most every genre of music. However I’ve always been a big metal head. I think metal is beautifully constructed and takes a great deal of talent to execute.” Cody has been producing for a number of years beginning with a program called Guitar Pro. “When I was a kid I used to sit in front of that program for hours on end making any song I could dream of.” Cody has often described his God blessed talent as a strange phenomenon. “I can’t describe how but I can easily retain a melody and rhythm in my head and put it down on paper exactly how I produced it in my head.” Cody has said many times his emotions drive his musical creations. “I know I’ve done a good job when someone can emotionally bond with my music. When someone tells me how much they enjoyed one of my songs, or how it helped them during a personal challenge in life, that is by far the most rewarding aspect of what I do.” -Cody Lehmann