Cody Lehmann (born November 30th, 1991 in California) is an electronic music artist, producer and remixer who is well known for beautifully capturing the emotions of his fanbase. Hailing from beautiful Temecula California, Cody Lehmann's primary genres of future house, slap house, future bass and commercial pop, beautifully create an unforgettable emotional and empowering experience. Early in his electronic music career starting in 2019, Cody Lehmann has collaborated with several talented songwriters such as, Conway Seavey, Matt Palmer, Kerry Kathleen and Rachel Leycroft. Heavily influenced by Gryffin, Tiësto, VIZE and Loud Luxury, Cody has also produced and distributed numerous remixes, one of which for the legendary Thea Austin from SNAP! Cody's early stages of professional music production started in January of 2017 producing hip-hop and trap beats. After gaining little traction as a beatmaker in the community, he decided to completely switch his musical craft to solely electronic dance music. After honing in on his music production for some time, Cody established a natural talent for the electronic genre and quickly started creating music not only his fans enjoy but music he personally enjoys too.